The Pea

The last couple of weeks have been really hard for me. Last weekend was EXTREMELY hard for me. My pastor was preaching on Sunday morning about how when you pray the right way and for the right stuff and when you take responsibility, signs will follow and confirm that you are doing it right and are on a roll. Sunday NIGHT I was just praying and choosing joy and processing through my current situation. I was drinking some iced tea with ice in the cup and I poured myself a cup and drank it and poured another cup. I looked down and through the ice a pea pops up. I know for a fact that I don’t have peas at my house and instead of just marking it off as “weird” or “strange” I “took the bait” and asked Papa what does this mean. I felt like I should Google it, so I Googled “peas in the bible” and found this story:

The story is about a man named Shammah who was one of David’s 3 body guards.
Shammah is described as a man who took a stand against overwhelming odds and won a great victory by the help of the Lord. This man stood and fought for something when no one else did AND he WON. I pressed further and Googled what the mans name means. Shammah means “Jehovah is there”. I felt very strongly that the pea in my cup was a sign from heaven that I am making the right choices, taking responsibility and praying the right way. I was going to post this story right away on Sunday night, but I felt like I should wait and see what happens. This week ended up being really hard on me emotionally, physically and mentally. I started slipping a teeny bit with anorexia (but have dealt with those lies and there’s no chance for a relapse at all) and wasn’t doing well.I haven’t been able to sleep very much…I haven’t been able to turn off my mind and I haven’t been at peace. I was really trying to zoom out of my situation and see the big picture because I knew that even though my stuff is hard now, it’s going to be fine and work out. I was feeling as if my zoom out button was broken. I kept going back to the pea story and claiming the victory that I have WON. I just want to encourage every one that if you are fighting for something alone….you can and will WIN and don’t give up. I feel like I am fighting for things by myself… I fell like I’m in the pea/lentil patch standing up for something that no one else with stand up for. If you have something on your heart that you feel is worth fighting for but no one else is fighting for it, start fighting for it. Go for it. I was able to go to outreach group today and put aside my situation and I ended up doing really well. I prayed for a couple of people and gave a prophetic word and i saw joy wash over people as I was sharing about God. Even though I’m still going through stuff, I am joyful and finally starting to get peace. Just don’t give up…God is here…if its not working change something. Pray a different way. Ask for something new. Some times the Lord is waiting for us to change first…I feel the Lord was just waiting to give me my pea but it wasn’t until i took responsibility and started praying differently. There’s hope and we win
(The bible verse about the pea patch)
And the picture of the pea after I took it out of my iced tea

521702_10151490457791667_1553573317_n My Pea that was in my cup 🙂

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