Prayer Class Finale Project

One of my classes at the ministry school I attended was a prayer class. The finale project for the first part of the school was writing a Psalm. Here is mine! 🙂


Papa is my all and all. He’s the reason why I do anything and everything. He brought me out of the ashes. I’m rising higher because of him. I love you Papa! I love you so much. I want to just get lost in your word and soak and learn all I can. I want to give my whole life to you. I want to receive everything you are offering. I want all you want to give to me. I am yours!

Like stained glass, He picked up all the broken pieces and put them together. He made me new and whole. I’m an owlet hatched and growing. Becoming a big wise snow owl. Learning, teaching, showing. Opening my wings and soaring. He literally took me from death to life. Showing me how good life can be. Teaching me how to have heaven on earth. Teaching me how to share that with others. Papa has renewed and transformed my mind. He has given me new ways to think and see life. I have new eyes to see and new ears to hear. He has given me so many gifts and talents. He has given me courage and bravery and strength. Without him I would be nothing and I would be in a grave. He took me higher. I went with Him to find a much better place.

Papa has become my comfort zone. In him there is comfort. He’s all ways with me, constant. In him I put all trust and hope and faith. He has become my savior, my light, my truth, my way, my one desire, my motivation, my reason to live, my desire to want to carry one, my go to talk person, my best friend, my wise counselor, my teacher, my creator.

For without Papa I would not be here. I would not have words to praise him. He has saved and rescued me time and time again. He’s so forgiving and loving and kind. My breath is taken away when I enter into his presence. He’s so glorious and majestic. All else fades away when I think about the Lord. My heart gets excited to spend time with Him. He’s my comforter. My all in all. He’s faithful and never lets you down. He takes care all of your needs. He is reformation, He is wisdom, He is understanding. He is all knowing. He is thankful.

God is big and forgiving. He disciplines through love. He empowers us. He has the power to make a choice. He shows us and teaches out of love and then it’s up to us. God is my strength. God is my joy, God is my all and all and He will never abandon me or leave me or forsake me. I have no worries or fears when I’m in true authentic relationship with him. He is shalom. Papa is prudent, He is creator, and He is good and faithful. Papa will never let you down. You can and should put all your trust in Him. When all else fails, He won’t. He is an encourager and He wants to meet all my hearts desire’s.

I’m wreaked. I’m un-done. I am a snow owl. I am wise. I’m an adult. Growing in maturity and wisdom and strength and understanding. I’m growing in power and skill and talent. My might is becoming mighty. I’m finding my voice and using it. I’m learning who I am and fully stepping into all of it. I’m new made whole. He took time to pick up all the pieces and put them together and make something new and more beautiful. What makes stained glass is when the light shines through it. He’s hanging me up where there will always be light and you will be able to see all of me.

Oh papa. How I love you and how I am ever so thankful for you. Without you there would be no point no reason. My heart is so excited when I get to spend time with you. I love honoring you and lifting you higher,. I love how you challenge me and help me grow. I love you. You empower me and set me higher. I love how you never let me get satisfied or comfortable on my current branch. There’s all ways something better waiting around the bend for me and I love how you make me go after it and find it. You are all ways right. When I choose to go around the bend and find it, I never regret the effort I put into it.

God has become my all and all.. He takes me on the journey of life with him. Like partners ice skating, He leads and I follow. I have some solos and times where the spotlight is on me. We are in synch, so elegant and graceful. He wraps me in his loving arms and never lets me go. He sets me free to go higher and higher. God has truly become my best friend. He is the one I run to for everything. He’s all ways on my mind even when I’m sleeping. God has become my life saver. My reason to do anything and everything.

Every day he says something new about who I am. What I’m doing. Where I’m going in life. Every day I see a new piece to the stained glass that he’s putting together. His words produce life. He helped me hatch and become whole. I am now stepping into becoming a snow owl and He’s with me every step of the journey. In my high places and low places. I am never alone. He has literally called me from the mountains shouting and screaming for me to run home to him. In my quite times with him the true me is reveled. I learn who God is and through that I learn who I am. My character comes from him. He’s my role model.

I am so thankful for life. I am so thankful for freedom. I’m thankful for the owls and the tress and the air and the breeze. I’m so thankful He doesn’t let us stay stuck. He all ways calls us higher. We are never done with this journey in life. There’s all ways more to obtain. We will never be bored. I am so thankful for a renewed mind. For the strength He has instilled in me. I am so thankful for love, joy, peace and mercy. His grace is abounding! His love heals and sets us free. I am thankful for my voice and the power my words have. I am grateful that I have choices in life and that I’m a powerful person who makes powerful choices.

Oh Lord show me what’s next. Show me my weak spots to grow and overcome and master over them. Teach me lord where I am weak and need to become strong. Papa teach me your ways! Show me how to become more of a snow owl. Show me how to step into and walk everything you have called me to out. Papa show me your glory. Show me what’s next. Show me where you want me to go. Show me what the next thing is.

Papa you are so worthy!!! You are so good!!! You are so merciful!!! Your love endures forever!!! I am saved by and through grace!!! All of me for all of you!!! You fill me with rest and joy and peace!!! I give everything to you. I lay everything down at your feet. I empty my backpack to you. I let myself be free just like I watch you do. I learned from the best. I want to shout from the mountain tops of how good you are

(This part was Papa speaking to me 🙂 )
You are loved and cared for. Not abandoned but chosen. You are strong and whole. Your love changes people. You stop people in the middle of their thought and invade it with truth. You allow me to speak through you like there’s no tomorrow. It’s so easy. You are such a good daughter, mother, friend, child. You are cherished and valued. You are cared for!!! People want to love you and take care of you. You just got to let them in and let them help you. You all ways cry out in the hard times and the good times. You never forgot I’m here. I’m the first thing you run to. You have found your secret place with me. You have found the source and spot for life. You are the wild card. You do your own thing but with honor and respect to the people around you. You bring reformation. You will see change that you can’t even imagine. You are mold-able. You are my favorite child and I love you!

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