Devotional: Garden of Eden

Scripture: Genesis 2:8-17

The thing that the Lord has really been speaking to me about this week is making my life like the Garden of Eden. The garden was a perfect place, sinless, tranquil, peaceful, pure, and innocent. I have been learning what it means to have my life be like the garden. It takes daily choices. The whole goal is to have the mind of Christ and be like Jesus. Learning who God is teaches us who we are and once we see who God is we start to become like him. Once we are like him having a life like the garden isn’t hard. It’s actually easy and quit natural.


So God help us to have a life like the Garden, a sinless, pure, innocent life. We want to become like you. We want to be who you are. We ask to see you. We give you our hearts and lives to be with you. We thank you for blessing us. Open our eyes to see in daily life the choices that will make our lives like the Garden’s.

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