Living in a life where you are just “stuck”

In life we all have choices. Sometimes we turn off our ears to stop hearing and we don’t even know why.
The question I feel like you need to ask yourself is do you want to stay in this stuck state of mind where life is just passing you by while it’s like you are on a summer break or do you want to wake up and get out of this stuck state of mind and get reconnected with the source of life and start living again

What I have noticed being a 20 something having 20 something friends is that the ones who are stuck and are stressed are the ones who aren’t staying super connected with God. They aren’t turning their ears on and hearing what He is saying. God never stops talking we just stop listening. Sometimes its super scary turning on our ears because sometimes God tells us thing we don’t really want to hear. We may really really want to do something but it’s not God. It’s the same thing for me and Ireland. I turned off my ears and made my own choice because I really wanted to goWhen I gave Ireland back to God, He gave me Snow. I entered into this whole new thing and started learning so much more. I have gained so much fruit by letting Ireland go. I am so thankful.
What I have found for me is step 1 for getting un-stuck is going back to God. Maybe grabbing your bible, turning on some music, sitting back and starting. Start with thanking Him for all you have and all He has done for you. Start praising Him. Praising Him is acknowledging who He is. I.E. God you are so worthy, so true, so Holy, so kind. You are the King of Kings. Once I have praised and thanked God I usually start hearing him and the stuck feeling leaves.

I encourage you!! If you are feeling stuck take a pause and get reconnected and get unstuck!

If you have any tips of how you get unstuck post them in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Wowww! This was so well put! Makes SO much sense! I’m gonna have to bookmark this one, or put it in my journal!

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