Mastering over triggers

I was in the bathroom and I heard clear as day “weigh yourself”; I’m thinking yea right that’s a horrible idea. I’m like Cassie stopping talking to yourself. But I hear Him again say “weigh yourself” your eating is stable and your working out. He’s like go see what a normal and constant weight looks for you. I heard him say “Snow go ahead. Check where you are” Well I did it and I weigh 134.6 pounds. As soon as I stepped on the scale and saw my number I all of sudden felt complete joy and complete peace and I almost wanted to cry tears of joy. I was so happy. That just feels so good and so right.

I think its cool how he’s challenging me and encouraging me to do past things that would be triggers. He’s really pushing me to go past and overcome. Sometimes the lord pushes us to things we never thought we could handle. I found myself listening to God and not fight him so much. I really wanted to fight back but I didn’t, I settled myself and said okay fine!! I think when we settle our self’s and just listen the first time or one of the first few times it gives Papa a chance to really speak to use and have a relationship with him. He’s so sweet and so kind and so loving. He held my hand as I stepped onto that scale. I faced this huge big bad fear. Something I never thought I could accomplish. Something I never thought I could master over. I think the timing of it was really interesting as well. I’m making myself dinner and half way through cooking he wants me to stop and check my weight and I’m supposed to just go and eat? He’s a funny person! I am at complete peace right now.
I challenge you
if you find yourself all of sudden wanting to do things that were past triggers, go do them! It may be God prompting you to get over something! He wants us to be free and light and happy! When we master over a trigger we actually break a chain! We get more and more free! I never thought a scale would ever be okay and a positive.
Who knows, you may even find joy after you master of your triggers. You will feel accomplished and like you can tackle the world!
If you are ever having a bummer of a day I challenge you to find a trigger and go master over it. It will give you confidence for the whole day. It, for me at least, gets me up and moving and on my way. I can go back and be like well I mastered over this, I can do this current thing no problem!!

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