Devotional: Can’t just be, need to grow

Scripture: Mark 4:1-9

Sometimes the Lord gives us projects, dreams, visions, ideas, tasks. What I have been learning is that sometimes we can’t just be. We can’t just be a doctor, we can’t just have a blog, we can’t just have maturity, we can’t just be wise. Sometimes things need to grow. They need extra nourishment and time to grow and develop into all that they were created to be. Even after a baby is born they still have a lot of growing to do. Sometimes the growing is in phases. The ideas and concepts need to grow and then after the thing is born it needs to continue to grow but in different ways and for different reasons. For example a doctor, the first phase of growing could be going to school. Learning and developing character needed to be a doctor. The second phase of growing could be when you actually start working as a doctor. You have a whole other set of things to grow in. Being a doctor in field verses in class is different. You are working with patients, working with co-workers, have bosses. New things are needed and required if you are going to sustain being a doctor. I so like to rush things and get it here and now right now. But God is teaching me this valuable lesson of letting things grow, letting my passion arise for things. Sometimes what needs to grow is value and a selfless desire to see this thing grow. If we go into a project being selfish a lot of fruit will be cut off and halted. Sometimes during the first phase of growth, is simply becoming selfless and really letting this thing grow and develop. Giving up nights of sleep, hang out times with friends, financially letting go. I think a big piece as well is the soil that you are planting this thing in. You need good soil that will help this thing grow.


Just help us cultivate good soil. Just give us strength and patience to wait and sacrifice. Show us wisdom. Open our eyes to see and ears to hear. So we can see the green light and hear you’re ok to start running with this thing again. Jesus, you are so worthy, so good, so true, so patient, so kind, so loving. We thank you for all you have helped us with. God, thank you for the vision, for the passion, for the desire.

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