Devotional: Facing fears and triggers and winning!

Scripture:Isaiah 41:13

Sometimes God makes us face and work through our fears and triggers. Sometimes in our daily life he will give us promptings to go try something that we would have never tried before. I know for me some examples would be going to certain Caribou locations or weighing myself. Other triggers would be calling certain people. I find the more I say yes to Jesus and allow Him to work in my life, the more growth opportunities I’m faced with. In life there are great challenges and sometimes you just have to get over and through them. This is no small or easy task but with Jesus and God on our side, it’s doable and manageable. I found myself wanting to go find more things to accomplish after I master over something. For me mastering over something cause’s me to come alive and feel free.


Oh Papa, thank you for who you are. Thank you for your loving kindness. Thank you for your encouragement and power to always push forward and grow. Thank you Holy Spirit for being here for us when God push’s us into things that may feel hard. Jesus thank you for being our friend, someone who never leaves us.

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