Devotional: Cake Baking

Scripture: Ephesians 5:20

With a cake there are a lot of steps and things that have to go right for it to turn out. Beyond just the ingredients you have to get all the measurements correct. You have to be able to put it all together. After the fine science of making batter you bake, but again it has to be precise. And then you have to let it rest and cool. The frosting is even more science and careful adding. Add too much sugar and it’s too stiff. Add too much liquid and its runny. Add too much vanilla and it’s just nasty. Then it has to be put together. That’s some serious talent required for decorating and putting something together. And then the cake is finally finished and put together and done. In one bite that whole process can be taken for granted. In one bite all the work that was put into making this is taken for granted. God knows what we need down to a science. He knows when hanging out with friends will make our batters light and fluffy or if they will make our batters dense. He took the time and has the talent to put on the finishing touches. To make us pretty and appealing. All in an instant it’s taken for granted.The challenge is to stop and slow down and really take note and be grateful for all the Lord has done and maybe its things we had to do and its things others helped us with. The challenge is to be mindful for the scientific process that was needed to make us into who we are today. In one conversation with a person all those things are taken for granted. Someone who is a natural conversation started we may take for granted not realizing that it may have taken years for them to learn that ability and taken many falls to learn that. What if we stopped and point out and said “wow you are awesome at starting conversations.” What life would be sparked and produced in their life. How much would that stir up with them? Taking note of something God has been working on and something they had to go through the process with. It’s all a science and for every person the science is different and God has all the science’s memorized.
Dear Jesus, just help us see what’s right in front of us. Help us slow down and take notice. I just pray for opportunities to recognize people’s “one bites”. Thank you for all you do. Thank you God that you know every one’s science forwards and backwards. Thank you that you know what helps us and what doesn’t. Help us to be a grateful person. AMEN!

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