Devotional: Not settling and pressing on!

Scripture:Philippians 3:14


I think there’s a fine line between being grateful and not settling and being not thankful and ungrateful and not settling. Sometimes when you are praying for breakthrough you may see breakthrough right away and you may start to get some clarity that you were seeking. What I have been learning is to know when to stop and when to push on for more breakthrough. I know for me when I hatched I found my breakthrough and stopped pushing on. I realize now that there was so much more I could have gotten that I have gotten during my second recovery. We have to be careful of our heart position and mindsets when we continue to push on. His breakthrough is always enough. We want wisdom to know if there’s more or if we are just pushing into a wall.


We just pray for wisdom. Wisdom to know when to push forward and wisdom to know when to stop. Give us the strength if we are meant to carry on. We are going after you. All we want is you. Thank you Jesus!

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