The ring

Its now June 2014 and I thought I’d be sporting a nice diamond engagement ring. Instead on June 18th I got a ring that’s way more precious. It’s a ring symbolizing my second recovery. November 7th to present. All the struggles and the pain. The ups and the downs. The chains broken and freedom gained. This ring means the world to me. It symbolizes all the promises from the lord from my second recovery. Its the foundation my life is built upon.  The ring says “Celebrate life”
Am I sad I don’t have an engagement ring? Yes but not for the reasons you may think.
Being single I have the ability to get up and move to wherever I want. I need this time in my life to let the foundation get set and strong. I am not sad that I am not engaged to this man. I am more sad about the broken promises and the disappointment.

I have had to truely give this issue to God. God has been able to give me great joy and strength through this.
I know that who I am today, I would not make a very good girlfriend, fiance, or wife. I know I need more time to grow, mature, and learn. There are things that I still want to do with my life while I am single; my “bucket list for my single life”. Things that I want to see and do while I am single. I have found so much freedom in being single.

This new ring that I got means the world to me. On my right arm I have two tattoos that remind me of Jesus and all the breakthrough in my life. On my left hand is the two rings.
Sometimes having a visual reminder helps.
ring  ring 1  ring 2  hand



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