Translate a Parable into modern language

One of my assignments from ministry school. Can you guess what Parable I translated?

Translate a Parable into modern language
Some people like to buy exercise apps in the Itunes app store. Some times when people put money into the Itunes app store to buy an app, they waste their money. Sometimes they go to buy an app and the payment goes through but the app was horrible. They wasted their money.
Other times people pay the payment, get the app and are very excited. However, as soon as someone criticizes there choice or someone asks them about why they chose that app, they delete it and waste their money.
And then there’s people who pay the payment, get the app and love it. But then they start getting all worried about what other people think. They start believing lies and feeling judged for their choice. People might feel like there being judged as fat for needing or wanting an exercise app, but in reality it’s just a lie that they believe. Sometimes the person just wants a different app and so what happens in both cases is that they delete the app and again waste money.
Then there’s people who pay the payment, get the app and really love the app. They aren’t worried about other people; they have confidence and don’t let other people question or criticize their choice. They spend a lot of time using the app and therefor they spend a lot of time working out and they end up getting toned and in shape. There’s a difference you can actually see from when the person was using the app and when they weren’t. This person never lost money and in the end they actually gained something.
In our lives the app needs to be the bible and we need to study it and believe it and accept it. If we accept the bible as truth and as a good way or the way to live then we will become different people. People will be able to see when you didn’t read the bible, accept it and take it as truth and when you did.

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