Book of Truth

This morning was another super slow start for me. I have all this studying I have to do but I wasn’t feeling motivated. I realized I haven’t really connected with God in a few days. I haven’t set a specific time aside for Him other than my drives to and from school.  I stopped everything and started worshiping and praising God.
After my wonderful time with God I felt so refreshed and recharged. Here’s a video explaining something that came out of my time with God this morning.


Just a quick note about the video. I know that there’s a part of this video that’s not perfect. Where I pause the camera and restart what I was saying. I was thinking about scraping the whole video and making a “perfect video” but the Lord started teaching me something. I need to let being perfect go. I am a real person and this video shows it.
We need to have confidence in ourselves. Own not being perfect. Instead of being perfect, lets just be the best that we can. I feel like I have set way too high of standards for my life. Standards are good but they have to be do-able. If you will never meet them, than it may be time to re-check them.

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