Permanent solution to a temporary problem

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day!  As a survivor of suicide and having a loved one pass from suicide, I am passionate about prevention.


I want to encourage not only the struggling today, but I want to encourage everyone.

I am sure we all have a thing in our life that is causing negative feelings. Some things cause more, deeper negative feelings that may cause one to have suicidal thoughts. Others may just have negative feelings that help attribute to them having a bad day.
Either way, don’t make a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

Suicde is permanent. I do believe in healing and such but once you kill yourself that’s kind of it. I completely understand being in so much emotional pain, being in so much darkness, that the only solution you see for yourself to end the misery is to end your life.
I was facing this relatity almost daily for years; even last Fall. But I am here to tell you that the darkness does end. You do have other choices. You can choose other things. The thing with the other choices is that it may not work as fast as suicide. The darkness may still be there even when we are choosing other things. I know that can be very frustrating and quite annoying. But let me just tell you that your choices are bringing freedom. They are doing something. Going to your therapy week in and week out does make a difference. Something that I have learned with my counselor over the past year about making life changes, making new behaviors and patterns in your life is that it starts with a choice. A daily choice to do something different. After a few weeks that daily choice starts to make a different behavior in our life. For example, school: When you first start in the Fall after summer break it is kind of hard to learn, focus and study. After a few weeks you start to get into a new pattern. You start to figure out how to study, learn and focus. However, it took a daily choice to change something. The new behavior didn’t just come over night. But it did come!!!

Today make a different choice. Instead of pulling the trigger, popping the pills or jumping off the bridge, choose to talk to someone, write your feelings down, draw something, take a vacation (even if its going for a hour walk somewhere, it counts!!!), listen to music, drink something soothing like coffee or tea.
Today make a choice that will make up a new behavior in a few short weeks.
Hang on! Do not let go!!!

hanging on a cliff

Now for those who may not be having Suicide thoughts:
Do make a different choice today. Just because you are having negative thoughts don’t make a choice that is a negative permanent solution. If work is causing the negative  feelings instead of quitting or getting yourself fired, take a day off to get re-energized. Choose to change your perspective, choose to see the situation differently.
If something comes up deal with it. We all have choices, let’s be more aware of the after effect of those choices. Let’s look ahead and see how our choices could pan out. Let’s be more careful of what we are choosing. If your neighbor drives you nuts, instead of doing something that you will regret try doing something nice for them. Maybe bake them cookies, offer to watch there kids, offer to mow there lawn, invite them over for dinner.
Sometimes when I can’t see other choices I can make, I just do the opposite of what I want to do. If I want to punch somebody for making me mad, I will give them a hug.
It may be in your favor to just do the opposite of what you are feeling. We do need to do something with these negative feelings cause they can build.
You can choose to even throw them away.

Today just remember that you have the power!!!!


And just remember….whether suicidal or not, no one else can play your part!!!! 2014nspwgraphicinsta

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