Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

I found this quote and I find it to be so true.  When we only live in your comfort zone we don’t try things, we don’t branch out, we don’t explore.
I remember when I was having to choose if I wanted to start my first recovery or not. All I could think about was how terrifying therapy was going to be and how hard life was going to be if I couldn’t use my UN-healthy coping mechanisms.
What I learned, thankfully, is that after a little while it’s not so scary. Pretty quick after I started therapy I actually got mad at my comfort. I realized I had missed out on so much life because I was terrified.
I challenge you today to step out side of your box. Go exploring.
It is okay to start small!
Maybe if talking to people gives you a lot of anxiety start small. Maybe if your at church or school you can pick one person to  say hi to. After saying hi maybe start a conversation with them. Try to push yourself more and more. Eventually what started as forcing yourself to just say hi to someone could turn into a friendship.
You never know where stepping out side of your comfort zone will take you.
After you step out of your comfort zone you can post your story on Miracle. I’d love to celebrate a victory with you!

I hope your having a really good week!!!
Just remember, it all starts with one choice! You are a powerful, needed, and loved person!
Thanks for reading 🙂


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