Fire deep within

Today I challenge you to step out, stop caring and just let it go. If you are always worried about what someone is going to say just try today to stop caring. There are so many things to care about in life, especially if you are going through something like a mental illness recovery. Instead of caring about what your EX would think of your outfit, care about what you think of your outfit. Care about what you eat for breakfast. Care about what skills you can use today. Care about if your homework is done for school. There’s so much right before you that could consume your brain and thoughts.
Let me explain what happened in my life that caused to get to this way of thinking. Last Friday (September 26th) I snapped. I had a major change in thinking and the way I was seeing the world. Up until Friday I was living based on what I thought my EX would think. I was living my life thinking “would he like this outfit, would this make him mad, would he call me names if I chose this”. I have been living my life like this sense we broke up about 10 or 11 months ago. Heck, when we dated I would kind of live like that. I also would live with feeling like I needed to ask a whole bunch of people what they thought before I made any choice. There are some things that I believe you need to seek people out and ask for the opinion but when it comes to things like what you wear that day, what you eat, what music you are going to listen to, you don’t need to ask someone what they think. You can make that choice on your own.
Friday, September 26th, I stopped caring about the wrong things. I stopped caring what I THOUGHT my EX would think. I stopped making decisions based on what I THOUGHT other people were going to say.
I got into this very fiery, passionate, joyful mood where I just don’t care anymore. I am so done with everything; I just don’t care. I’m just going to live my life the way I want to live it. I am going to eat what I want, I am going to wear what I want, and I am going to get tattoos and piercings if I want. I am just so done living under this constant pressure and weight. I realized though, that a lot of it was just in my head. A lot of it can’t confirm. I don’t know what my EX is thinking about my outfit or my tattoos. I don’t know what other people think about what I eat or the music I listen to.

I challenge you to let things go; stop putting power into things.
Also, don’t let people talk down to you. Don’t let people make fun of you. Today stand up for yourself.
Embrace the strong, confident, independent person that you are.
Let the fire that’s deep inside of you, burn so greatly that comes to the surface.

It’s all about becoming that strong, confident person. You know who you are and don’t let people treat you any less. It is really okay to stand up for yourself. Don’t be a jerk or rude back, but you can say in a respectful way to that person to not to talk to you like that. Maybe it will turn into an opportunity to share what you have learned. Maybe that person doesn’t realize that the way they talk to people actually makes people feel bad. Maybe there stuck and struggling and because you stood up for yourself you were able to help somebody.
It is really okay to step out and say something.

Have an amazing Wednesday!!!!
Let the fire go from within to the surface.






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