My life is like a corn maze

This weekend I took my friend to a corn maze. Our two hour adventure through a 6 mile corn maze turned into a really cool God Encounter. This corn maze in specific had 3 phases. Each phase of the maze got harder and harder. Each phase begins and ends at the same place.

corn maze
During phase 3 the Lord really started speaking to me. Stalks of corn are really tall. Over 5 feet tall!!! The Lord was saying that the stalks of corn are like the problems and issues from the past, specifically my EX. If I keep carrying this giant stalk of corn around I am going to trip and fall and going through the maze is a lot hard. I realized I have to let things go. I cant keep dragging my past with me. The Lord also showed me how the path in the maze was only wide enough for two. I can choose to carry the my past with me or I can choose to have God with me.
I also got really excited about the dead ends in the maze. At first I wasn’t sure why I got so excited but then the Lord started explaining it to me. I love boundaries; I love rules; I do really enjoy when my options are limited.
dead end
I realized my life is like a maze. There’s a path that leads somewhere eventually. There is rules, boundaries and options limited. I have room for one other person on this journey. I have to keep my eyes looking ahead so I don’t trip on the little things in front of me like rocks or ears of corn.
I have to trust God. I have to trust that He knows where to go, that I am not going to get lost. I have to trust that there is eventually an end. But when one thing ends another begins.

My life is definitely like this corn maze right now.

end phase 3

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