33 Things That Might Happen When You’re Recovering From Depression

Mid-week energy time!!
I hope you guys have had an amazing week so far 🙂
I found a really good article with a list of 33 Things That Might Happen When You’re Recovering From Depression. I found this article to have some really good, encouraging things.

Link 🙂

Here’s a few that stuck out to me:

6. Food might begin to regain its taste.
This one stuck out to me because having an eating disorder for 8 years I would classify food by calories not by taste. Food has become one of my favorite things because I am starting to actually taste flavors. Eventually food changes from being evil and dreaded to being celebrated.
If you’re struggling with this one, trust me breakthrough is coming. Keep trying, keep working hard and you will find freedom.

17. You might begin to prioritize.
This is a big one for me. I never planned my life, let alone prioritized it, because I thought I was going to kill myself in my teen’s. Now I’m living a life that I had never planned, doing things I never thought I’d get to do. I find it really important, and even fun, to start to prioritize things. Once you start to love yourself and learn about yourself, you start seeing the different needs you have. Once you start seeing all the different kind of needs you have you will be able to start figuring out how to meet those needs. For example, if one of your needs is to stay sober and clean then hanging out with one of your old drinking buddies wouldn’t be smart. That’s not something that you would want to prioritize.
Take it step by step. Make the choices for today. What will enhance your life? What will help you make it through this day or this week?
Break it down into little pieces.

31. Or maybe it won’t feel like much at all, just: calm.
One of my new favorite feelings is the feeling of calm. The feeling of everything being quite and still around me. I like to sit on my couch with my music on, eyes closed, deep breathing. I am just calm. All the stress, all the triggers, all the things I have to do I don’t even think about. My mind is empty and I’m completely relaxed. This is one of my favorite activities after work or after class.
I encourage you, try to find the feeling of calm. Try to put everything aside and just sit with an open mind. Let everything that stresses you out fall to the side. Take a moment to just breath and become calm.

33. As you begin to recover from depression, you might start to realize — gradually or suddenly — that people need you, that people want to help you get better. That you are loved.
I can’t stress this one enough. YOU are LOVED, YOU are NEEDED and WANTED. People would miss if you were gone. I’m not just talking about suicide either. You can be so wrapped up in mental illness that you are “gone”. That you aren’t even the same person any longer.
Fight back, don’t let this thing win. Kill depression not yourself. Kill the addiction not yourself. Instead of taking everything that you have within you to kill yourself, kill the things around you that are causing your desire to be dead.
I challenge you to take your power and use it for something productive. You are such a powerful person and I know you can win this battle!
Keep pushing forward!!

I hope you have all gotten something out of this mid-week energy post.
Be blessed and have an amazing week!!! Finish strong, I know you can!


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