Month of Leadership Recap

God has taken me on a wild ride these past few weeks. October started with God declaring that October was going to be the month of leadership in my life. Sure enough I had multiple opportunities in a single day to step up and be a leader. I have learned so much through October. I know that I am forever changed. I know that the things that I have learned this past month will stay with me forever.
A few things I learned about leadership that I think would be helpful to you.

1) Leadership can be very tiring. I believe you have to set up your life in a way that you can get emotionally and physically recharged. Being burnt out and crabby isn’t the best state of mind to be leading anything in. I think a big thing that leaders recognize and are good at is taking care of themselves. They know that people need them, and they have to be ready to go. My prayer life and relationship with God has skyrocketed. I have needed God like never before. My prayer for October was “with your strength all things are possible.” I know I couldn’t have done half the things I did without God.

I big milestone and highlight was I booked my first Snow speaking appearance that was paid! I gave a 30 minute sermon about empowerment at my church’s youth lock in. It was such a powerful time. The retreat, that I have talked about in my story, is where Suicidal Ideation ended. 3 years later I was a leader at this retreat and I was preaching.
I was able to step up and lead and take charge.  It wouldn’t have gone well if I didn’t take me time.
Here are some of the practical ways I have found to get recharged:

  • When driving to work or school take that half hour, blast some worship music and make it apart of your daily time with God.
  • I also like to take the time where I am cooking just to take a deep breath and get refocused.
  • Sometimes I have had to say no to hanging out with friends because I have just needed a day to be at home resting by myself. Even extroverts need time alone to re-coop. If you are finding yourself needing alone time but your confused because you’re an extrovert, that’s okay. Go be alone for a little while.
  • The time your in the shower take an extra second to take a deep breath. Force yourself to slow down and relax
  • Drinking a hot beverage slowly while praying really helps me. I’ll sit with my coffee in the mornings breathing deeply with my eyes closed while listening to a worship song. Its one of my favorite ways to start my day.

2) I never thought I would get sick of people. I never thought I would get burnt out. I thought “well im an extrovert so how can I ever have to much of people.”
Well God showed me that was wrong. I have had to take me time. Time to re-focus and get recharged. I realized and God showed me that everyone has limits. Everyone has breaking points.
I learned that mine take a while. I don’t get sick of people that easily but it can happen.

3) A big thing with leadership that I have learned is leaders have to say no. Sometimes they want to do something really bad but they can’t. Sometimes being a leader is reckoning when you can’t do something and seeing someone who can. I had a great opportunity to lead something. I was excited about it but God told me to give it up. He told me to give the opportunity to someone who could do it. God told me I have stretched myself way to thin and I had to give it up.

4) sometimes though, being a leader is doing things you don’t want to do. There was something that I really didn’t want to do and take charge of but God said its yours, you go do it. Its fighting against your will and stubbornness. I know that by going and doing things that I didn’t want to lead it has caused me to grow and mature.

October was insane. I thought November was going to calmer but I thought wrong. Saturday started the month of November and God gave me the theme. November is my month of maturity. On Saturday I had over 4 opportunities of maturity. I have already done so much and its only the beginning of day 4.
Stay tuned! I’ll be posting what Gods teaching me and things that will help you!

Never give up. Never let go of hope. Keep that smile on your face! You are beautiful, you are needed, you are wanted and valued!!!
God loves you so much!!!

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