Embracing who you are

Imagine with me, for a second, that we are puzzle pieces. We all have our outside side (the back side of the piece) and our inside (the front of the puzzle piece. Where the picture is).
Now when you put all the pieces together they make up a puzzle. So let’s pretend that everyone is a puzzle piece and the goal of living on this earth is to complete the puzzle; to get everyone in there spot.
I think that putting a puzzle together is a lot easier when you have the puzzle pieces on the side where the picture is. I think that we need to let our personalities show. I think we need to let that blank side stay on the table.
Can you imagine someone trying to put together a puzzle where all the pieces are flipped over so you can’t see the picture?
puzzle, hope, encourgment, snow, calm, standing out, embracing who we are In this picture the blue side would be the under side of the puzzle. The color side is the part with the picture.

I feel like the puzzle piece is such a good representation of embracing who you are. No one else can be your piece. No one else has the same colors or pictures on their piece. Without you the puzzle wouldn’t be complete.
Sometimes, for me it was a lot of the time, its hard to stand out. It’s hard to flip from the blue side to the color side. For me it was really hard to show people my true colors and my true personality. I gained a lot of confidence over the last few months and now I am proud to show my true colors.

I challenge you today to show your true colors. Flip your piece from blue to the color side. Be who you are. You may be just the piece someone is looking for. By being who you are, you are going to show your friends that they can be who they are.
Start a chain reaction!

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