Freedom day

I haven’t posted a Miracle in a while and I though I’d share something that is going on in my life today.  If you have something you want celebrated please submit your own miracle.

Today marks the 1 year since I broke up with my EX. Today marks a  year since I saw that no man is worth my mental health.
I am a Miracle because I have only had emotional rebounds. I haven’t kissed a man in a year. I haven’t had sexual anything with anyone in a year. I am proud of myself that I am standing stronger and taller than ever before.
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my Second recovery starting.

Today is my freedom day. Yesterday was 3 years since Suicidal Ideation ended. For me it feels like two freedom days back to back.

I am so happy and proud of myself. I have great strength, determination, and courage.

Here is a few photos from my photo shoot in August 2014. For the would have been 1 year anniversary with my EX, I decided to have my own photo shoot. I call them my Strong, Confident, Independent Women photos. These show the strength, these show the joy. These photo’s show where someone can be if they put the work, time and effort into recovery.
The food photo’s show that I have overcome Anorexia. The tattoo’s show that I have overcome cutting. I get my joy and strength from God and reading His word. I am washed of all the pain. I am an overcomer and my past does not haunt me.
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Today I am a miracle.

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