What does it look like to be someone who is doing well?

What does it look like to be someone who is doing well? Is it the person with a smile always on their face? Is it someone who is always on time to work? Is it someone who always has their homework done?
I want to try to challenge your thinking today. The person I described may be totally depressed and not have it together.
What about a person who is late to work, doesn’t have a smile on their face and their homework isn’t always done.
That person may actually be doing better overall than the first person. I feel like someone is doing well when they are facing all their junk head on and there doing something about it. I have found more than once that apart of the healing is getting into a really open, vulnerable state. I think someone doing well is someone who is facing their stuff. They might be late to work because they took 20 more minutes to cry through an issue instead of just stuffing it. Their homework may not be done because they were too tired from dealing with their problems.
Recovery is hard. It takes a lot of time. It’s a full-time job. It’s hard to do anything on top of recovery.
Let’s look at another example. Someone who is currently running a marathon or just finished running a marathon won’t have the perfect hair. Their makeup will probably be smudged. They will look tired and may be out of breath. But they just ran a hard run. They just did something amazing.
Today if you are in your marathon don’t worry about what you look like. Sometimes the people who look like a “mess” from the outside actually have it way more together on the inside. Be proud of yourself for what you are doing.
You were made for this. You can and will recover. Keep choosing life. Keep choosing recovery. Keep choosing to power through this. Maybe you’re at the beginning of your recovery. Take it slow. Don’t use all your energy in the beginning. Pace yourself. Set manageable goals that you can reach throughout the day. For the next 2 hours I will not cut. Then set another goal. For the next 2 hours I will not cut. Sometimes setting a goal like “I will not cut ever again.” is setting you up for failure. Be practical. Be reasonable.
Sometimes you just have trick your own mind into believe that you can do it.

It’s okay to be tired, it’s okay to have emotions. It’s okay to have a lot going on. Make sure you take time to rest and recoup BUT don’t stop living life. Don’t stop going to school and work. Don’t make recovery your excuse for not doing anything. Like all things you can abuse reasons for being tired and not having homework done. Be responsible with your recovery. Do as much as you can. Try to challenge yourself when you are stable.

Today embrace who you are. Embrace what you look like. Love yourself. Be proud of yourself!

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