Pro’s and Con’s

Hello everyone!
It’s that time of the week again!!!! Mid-Week Energy time!
I don’t know about you but it has been a crazy, busy week for me. These past 7 days have flown by. Due to a lack of computer and finales I was not able to post last week. I am hoping today’s post is extra good 🙂
Today I wanted to share some encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. Well isn’t that what Snow is all about?
Anyways! Something that God has been really teaching and showing me is how to make it to tomorrow. Sometimes even if we aren’t labeled as “mentally ill” we don’t want to live till tomorrow. Sometimes life is either so hard, so painful, so boring or so frustrating that we don’t want to carry on. I have found that I have these days. I will pray about it because I know I’m not suicidal or depressed, but I couldn’t figure out why sometimes I was dreading facing tomorrow. What God helped me realize is that its normal to not be excited about every sunrise. Sometimes life is just life and we’d rather check out for a day. What I have been learning to overcome this, is to make a pro’s and con’s list for tomorrow. Sometimes getting to tomorrow can be achieved by mapping out what tomorrow holds. For me my usual schedule has my two jobs, class, maybe some church stuff, maybe some things with friends and my website. Sometimes I don’t want to do any of that stuff so I have to make up an adventure. Sunday I wasn’t really looking forward to the sun rising but I know I had fun things ahead. I made up adventures through my day to keep myself motivated and excited to be in the present.
I don’t think its wrong to provide yourself with motivation. I think this is something that is extremely helpful and could change and save lives. Sometimes I make it more long-term. Sometimes I find motivation to make it through a month or through a season of time. I know as a student it can be really hard to stay motivated in school. I didn’t do the best job this semester staying motivated but what I feel like could help and what I am going to do next semester is making goals. Once you reach your goal give yourself a little treat. So maybe a goal is to put 30 hours of studying for a test. No matter what  grade you got you at least studied 30 hours. Take a night off of studying as a reward, or hang out with a friend, or go to a movie. If you force yourself to just keep going you’ll burn yourself out. You are not a robot. It is okay to have rewards and take breaks.

I encourage you to make your pro’s and con’s list. Figure out whats worth living for. Figure out what goals you have in life. Figure out how you could reward yourself. Once you start adding structure to your day-to-day life it will start to become easier.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I am praying for you and I am so proud of everything you are doing!
If you have a miracle please post it! If you have any questions please post them on lost and found!
Stay strong! You can and will do it!

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