Holiday help

I know yesterday was Wednesday and this is Mid-Week Energy, BUT I feel like this can still help you get through Christmas and your week.
I know for me when I was going through recovery it was all about me all the time. I think its good sometimes to look at our selves and see how our life is going. I think the problem comes in when you can’t see anything else. I feel like sometimes we get so wrapped up in our problems and pain that we can’t see a way out. Something that God has taught me to kind of help break this view is to start being thankful for things around you. For example; today is Christmas. Today instead of being consumed with everything that could be wrong with my life, I’m going to look at why we celebrate Christmas and be thankful for everything Jesus has done. Sometimes life isn’t about you. And sometimes that is the most freeing thing to learn in recovery.
Maybe take today as a break from yourself. Just for one day think about everything else that’s going on in your family.
It might be hard but that’s ok. I know you can do it! I believe in you!

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