Some tips as we leave 2014 and enter 2015

Mid-week energy time 🙂

I know at the end of a year it can be hard. Sometimes things we wanted to have happen didn’t. Sometimes goals we set didn’t get reached. Should we throw out a whole year of learning lessons, growth and maturity just because of the negative stuff? I don’t think so. Even if you started cutting this past year it doesn’t mean we should count 2014 as a wash. I feel like 2015 is gonna be amazing. I feel like God is really going to show Him self like never before. I feel like you’re gonna feel loved, maybe for the first time.
Some tips as we leave 2014 and enter 2015
1) Don’t forget what God has done
In the midst of trails, pain and suffering it’s so easy to lose sight of God’s goodness. 2014 brought some really really big challenges. Even though things happened that I don’t wish on my worst enemy, I force myself to look at what God did. I have an amazing relationship with my parents and my family. I am learning so much about myself. I launched Snow. God has truly blessed me. When we start focusing on all that God did in 2014, it starts to become greater than what didn’t happen.

2) The things that didn’t happen in 2014 make them happen in 2015
If you weren’t able to stop cutting in 2014, don’t give up for 2015. Figure out what will work for you. Figure out the things that are gonna help you put down the blade forever. Maybe its a new church, maybe its therapy, maybe its learning skills of what to do instead. Maybe its taking more time for yourself. Maybe its learning how to love yourself more. There are some things that I hoped would have happened in 2014 that I am gonna make sure happen in the next 12 months. Sometimes a key to success is making a plan. Figuring out why something didn’t work or happen so you can do something different this year.

3) Choose life this year
Everyday choose something that is gonna make you happy. Make a long-term choice in everything you do. Maybe its having a healthier breakfast. Maybe its solving that fight with a friend. Maybe it’s getting a less stressful job. Do something to make a positive impact on your life. I know for me changing my day-to-day choices helped me to start my recovery. Before I even tackled not cutting or eating again I just started living again. I started going for walks. I started talking to more people. I started going to church more often. By forcing myself to make new changes it was easier to tackle the mental illness with my therapist. I think of it this way: Did the chicken or the egg come first? So did making better lifestyle changes cause you to fully enter into a recovery or did choosing to fully enter into a recovery help you to make better life style choices.? I don’t think the order really matters if you do something. I see depression and mental illness as living in a very dark room. Theres a light switch somewhere. It’s about making the choice to go find the light switch. Get out of the bed and start searching for that light switch. I challenge you to start moving. Eventually recovery will start and happiness will return. If it didn’t happen in 2014, don’t beat yourself up. Try again in 2015.

Talk to you next year! Have a great great great last day of 2014!!!!!!

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