As everything in my life is changing God has been reminding me that I must stay steadfast for Him. I can not ever let my eyes drift off of Him. I can never go passive in my relationship with God.  I was having bit of an argument with a friend the other night and something hit me so hard. I am not sure if I have ever been able to put it in words before. A big thing in recovery, a common core theme is the concept of steadfast.
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Being so stubborn in your choice. Not moving or budging from it. I know my relationship with God has taught me pretty much everything I needed for recovery. That steadfast relationship we should have with Him is how we should look at recovery. Recovery is an active process. Everyday you are choosing life; everyday you are choosing to fight your ground. Everyday you are making the choice to put down the blade, the drink, the pills. Everyday you are choosing to keep your list of skills at the front of your mind. I truly believe that those in recovery are warriors. We have a daily battle on our hands. Mine took me 3 years to win, but the point is that I won. You can win to. If you haven’t started your battle, start today. I am here for you!
When everything around you is changing, falling apart or just ending in your life it can be really hard to be okay. Find the thing that’s always there. For me its God. Day in and day out, He’s always been there. Day in and day out He’s the one that has helped me through every trigger and helped me master over every problem. God has. Sure people have helped a lot and saved my life time and time again; but people fail you.  People will let you down. If you are fully invested into your relationship with God when people let you down you will be more okay. Because you are standing on something strong, secure and firm.

You got this. Start investing and building a relationship with God. Start to learn how to be steadfast. Learn how to take it over to your recovery. Learn how to start saying no to things that aren’t going to bring you health and wholeness in the end. Choose to fight the fight you are in. Arise warriors! You got this!

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