Overcoming and understanding moments of troubles

It’s Mid-Week Energy time!!! We have so many new followers that I wanted to quickly share what Mid-Week Energy is. Every Wednesday I post something that is encouraging and motivating to help you get through the rest of your week. I try to make it short, sweet and to the point. A little energy boost to help you get to the weekend.
Today I wanted to share based off of one of my awesome christmas gifts.
10877881_10153044658601667_1377525100_n  This book is amazing. 63 pages of quotes all about wisdom and taking flight. So perfect for my life. Every page has an owl and a quote. Here is one I found for today:

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“There are moments when troubles enter our lives and we can do nothing to avoid them. But they are there for a reason. Only when we have overcome them will we understand why they were there.” – Paulo Coelho

I think that once we start to learning this skill recovery becomes a little easier. I never believe God gives us things that cause death like certain illness, certain events that happen in our life. I do believe that we have a lot of power and freedom in choices and so I believe some of the pain we experience is because we didn’t choose the best thing. My sexual abuse isn’t my fault but it’s not God’s fault either. How can I believe this? How can I not blame God? How can I live my life not upset that God didn’t somehow stop it?
Well I do believe God stopped it. My sexual abuser never took my virginity. I never became pregnant. Did my abuser take things from me that only my husband should have? Oh most definitely. I learned so many things through that and during the aftermath. Even three years later I’m learning things. I have put myself in way better situations. I have changed my relationships with males. I make sure a lot more people are aware and involved in my life. My parents knew I had this man as my “friend” and they did everything that they could. I think that my relationship with God and my parents are similar. God, I believe, did everything that He could. He helped stopped it. He helped me find a voice to tell people what was happening. He helped me have the courage to break free from the abuse.
I know I have truly overcome something when I am able to process the event and see both sides. When I can see God’s favor and blessing on something. I know I have overcome something when I can forgive everyone involved and not have any bitterness.
Like my parents. I think they could have done a way better job at parenting me but I can see that they tried. I can see they did the best for what they had. I can see that they sacrificed a lot for me. I am not bitter. I am not upset and I can live in true freedom with that.

Today I encourage you in your time of troubles to go through it. Use your skills. Face the pain head on. Sometimes avoiding the inevitable is worse than the original pain. Sometimes just facing the problem head on is better. Instead of stuffing something way down deep I challenge you just to tackle it. Find your supports, find your therapist; get a strong team of people around you and face this thing head on. It won’t make sense now, but when you start to heal it will start to make sense. Life lessons will start to emerge.
I know you guys can do it!
Have an amazing Wednesday! Finish your week strong!

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