My worst days in recovery are better than the best days in relapse

This morning I posted a photo on Snow’s Facebook page and through out the day I had a great example to share with everyone.

I was having a hard time at the end of my school day this morning and this picture came back to mind. Even though today was a little rougher, even though I started feeling like my whole weekend of rest was going out of the window; today was better than the best day in my relapse. Where the best day in my relapse looked like cutting, not eating, not having friends, not being social in the community, not participating in school. Today was hard but it was way better than what life was like.
I just wanted to quickly encourage everyone to keep going. To keep fighting. That even if today is hard its a lot better than what a day in mental illness looks like. Keep fighting for life. Keep finding what make you happy and what makes living worth while. You guys can do it. I just know it!!
Be encourage, stay motivated!
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Do you know when this qoute was said

  2. Do you know when this qoute was written or said.

    • From the research that I did, the quote is from Kate Le Page who is a survivor of anorexia. She wrote a book called Goodbye Ana and this quote could be from the book, I’m not sure. The book came out around 2010.

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