Laughter is the best medicine

Exciting news!!!! This is my 60th post on Snow!!!!!
Sorry about not having a Mid-week energy post yesterday. Great news!!! Here’s it today!!!

After class yesterday I went to my boyfriends house instead of studying or instead of going home and resting. My only goal in seeing him was to get a hug and a kiss. Thats all I wanted. In the end I got something that I needed way more than a hug and a kiss. I laughed; I laughed so hard for almost an hour.
I am finding when you are in a season, or time in life, where there is a lot of stress its really good to take a moment and just laugh. My boyfriend and I got into a bit of a tickle war and it was one of the best stress breakers I have found.
I encourage you to take time today and I just laugh. Find something that is funny. Watch your favorite comedy. Read a funny book. Look up jokes! It may seem silly, pun intend, but it will be worth it!
Here’s some jokes to help get you started on laughing:
owl knock

Funny jokes for kids (1)

I don’t know about you but I was laughing as I was looking for these!!!
Have a great end to the rest of your week!
You got this!

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