Trust and Rest

It Mid-Week Energy time. Today I am feeling pretty sick and I am missing all my classes at school. My plan is to rest and feel better before I go to work this afternoon.

I guess what I am learning through all of this is to simply trust God. I don’t want to miss school. The thought of everything I am going to miss gives me an even bigger headache.  I have to trust God when He tells me to rest. Sometimes Recovery is the same way. Sometimes we are going so strong in our life and then we have a little bump and we have to pick and choose what we are going to do. Today I know I need to be kind to my body and rest. Sometimes you need to be kind to your mind and rest. There are times you have to suck it up and power through but other times powering through will only make your recovery longer. I know I am going to get better faster since I am taking this morning to rest.

If you are feeling like a bump in your recovey take time to pray about what you need to miss so you get the time you need to recover.

Take it day by day. Then it won’t be so overwhelming.
Have a great Wednesday!

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