A note on sexuality for Valentine’s Day (from my friend)

My friend posted this on Facebook last night. She is a high school English teacher and an Author. I love her take on this subject.

“A note on sexuality for Valentine’s Day.
What is dangerous can be thrilling, erotic, even. There’s a draw to being possessed by someone: so fully belonging that it bends towards obsession. To be the object of someone’s fiery passion is exhilarating.
But abuse is not sexy. It is abuse.
Of the millions who are forced into sex slavery each year, how many would watch “50 Shades of Grey” for pleasure?
I’m not launching a campaign against the author, or the series, or even the movie. It’s the mindset that has allowed this, dare I say, “literature” to be the focus of our bedroom life.
This mindset is permeating our youth. I overheard students in the hallway say: “You’d seriously be the best boyfriend ever if you took her to see it for Valentine’s Day”. This is where I realized what a powerful influence these images create through the novel and movie. If a binding contract of sexual acts allowing one dominant, and one dominated with no room for actual love and honor is the standard for how intimacy is born, then fire up the Enterprise for a galaxy far far away, and beam me up, Scotty.
The truth is, intimacy is one of the most dangerous acts a couple can engage in. Yes. To expose yourself, and be completely vulnerable, completely open, to give yourself totally to someone sexually is dangerous. What do I mean? You are trusting a fallible human with the essence of you. You are giving a gift and trusting it will be received, treasured, and honored. It is risky business to love fully and to allow someone to love you fully.
This Valentine’s Day, choose the “dangerous” road of honor, and true intimacy. Keep the abuse out of the bedroom.”

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