Prayer/ soaking time. Who am I?

Today’s Mid-Week Energy is going to be something I haven’t posted yet. It’s a challenge. I challenge you to turn on some worship music and go through the following questions with God. Sometimes God’s the only one that can say or do anything that’s going to help you and give you energy for this week.

I have included a song that I really love that might help you.

1. Who am I? It’s not you answering the question its God. Its asking God how He sees you
2. Give up all the worries and burdens you are feeling.
3. Ask God what do you want to give me? i.e peace, joy, understanding, forgiveness.

3 simple questions/ things you can do that could truly change your whole entire week. It’s like going to your parents when your tired and somethings wrong. They don’t have to say much for you to feel better. Go to your heavenly father and see what He has to say to you. I promise its gonna be worth it!

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