How to make Jesus my firm foundation

It has been a crazy week and a half for me. Theres been some great sadness but so many victories. How can you have great victories and joy when there’s true, valid sadness and hardship? Well one of my sweet and dear mentors was telling me to have Jesus be my firm foundation in life. I was thinking “That doesnt even make any sense!!!!” I googled it and turns out there’s a whole song. I have listened to this song on repeat for over 10 hours since Saturday.
I think this is an amazing Mid-Week Energy post!!!

With this current situation I got to a certain point with it on Saturday. Me worrying about it isn’t going to change it. All I can do is look at my life and my actions and ask God where I can improve and grow. Sitting and thinking and planning how to fix it is a waste of energy. I decided to just let it all go and give it to God. It doesn’t mean I don’t have hope for the situation and it doesn’t mean that I don’t hope the situation gets better, it just means I am not going to spending any of my emotional energy to worry about it.
I challenge you to look at yourself. Are there things that you might need to work on? Are there areas in your life that might need an improvement?
If you answered yes, great news I have an idea!
If you answered no, can you pray for me? I would really like that gift! Having things to work on is so hard. Can you tell me how you got to that point in your life? Please!! (seriously!)

My idea, and Gods idea, is to make Jesus the firm foundation and God the center of our lives. Okay well that’s great but what in the world does that even mean? Well that means that when you fall on your face because life is sometimes a jerk and shoved you, you won’t hurt your head as bad. Jesus will be there and soften the blow. That means when something doesn’t go as right, you will have this weird peace because your foundation is better for your life. Like memory foam shoes vs regular or no shoes. It feels like your walking on a cloud. Your mood is better because your body doesn’t hurt as much when you are going throughout your day. When you have Jesus as the foundation you are trading up for memory foam shoes! You are getting on to something that is easier to walk on. How do we do this? Just got to keep choosing. I went a week banging my head on the wall till it finally made sense. Everything has been easier and I see Gods favor increased in my life!
God as your center means no matter where you are in your life God is there. You don’t have to go far to find Him. He’s always right there. Having God as my center I have been worrying a lot less, been on time to things, have had energy for things, I have had crazy awesome ideas and inventions. Instead of having the angle and devil on your shoulders telling you what you should do causing mass chaos in your life, you will have God right before you,not on either shoulder, but sitting right before you holding your hand, reminding you. Don’t worry,give it to me, stay calm, you are more than capable to handle all of this. Doesn’t that sound nice? To have someone to constantly remind you all day, no matter where you turn always in the middle of your eye sight? Again how!?!?! Again, by choice, by forcing your mind to let it. By allowing yourself to hear God. By allowing yourself to be guided by Him.

I know its hard and not fun but it’s so worth it. This place of joy and peace I am at, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Have a great Wednesday!!!! Enjoy the song!

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