What is the point of going through recovery and pain?

This morning I had a major download from God about recovery and pain. What is the point of going through all this stuff that hurts? If more pain just keeps coming and coming why should we keep living?
Well, today I finally realized that building a relationship with God, having Jesus be your firm foundation, really changes things. I am going through something right now that almost killed me the first time I went through it. I kept praying and asking God why I am fine. It’s because Jesus is truly my firm foundation. I won’t be shaken when Jesus is my foundation.

I challenge you, in the midst of recovery and pain, submit every part of you to God. Every thought, every mindset, every hope, dream and desire. Give it all to God.  You are in the process of becoming who you are supposed to be. Let God help. Let God put the pieces together. Let God form and shape things. When jesus is your firm foundation, you will be able to stand more. You will be able to stand stronger than ever before. You will to start to notice that things that used to get you bothered dont as much.
Try it today, when you start noticing that you aren’t allowing God in a situation, stop and let Him in. Just choose to let Him be the good Father He is.

Let me know how its goes!!!
You got today! Its half way through the week! I know you can do it!

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