Ice cubes!

Midweek energy time!!! 

 Today I want to share about a DBT skill that I remembered on Saturday night that really helped my friend. This trick is easy but it’s magical. 

Whenever you feel anxiety, stress, worry, urges, anything negative at all; grab some ice cubes, snow could work to, and put it around your eyes. There are so many nerves around your eyes. The cold sort of shocks you out of your  your mindset so you can think clearly again. It’s a simple trick that saved my life many times before. I like to hold the ice in my hands and tell myself “when the ice is gone, life begins.” It’s sort of like my timer. I’m at the point in recovery where I can give myself a box of time to express deep emotions. It wouldn’t be healthy to carry on for hours anymore.  If your not at that point yet, don’t worry. Focus on where you are at today and maybe make it your goal.  

Give it a try. Tell me what you think!

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