4 tips to stay sane when life is crazy busy and stressful 

Life has been crazy insane.  A question I would like to address today is how to stay sane when life is crazy busy and stressful.  Here’s my top 4 tips to remain CALM in this season. Some of you are in school, in recoveries, work, have family and social drama and stress. Whatever the cause, read on 🙂

1. Have your me time. 

Make sure you get a chunk of time a day where you are resting, not replying to texts, emails or calls, not doing homework or at school or work. I like to set aside at least 30 minutes a day. You could take a nap, bake something, do a craft, take a bath, go for a run; anything that is relaxing for you. Day to day life takes energy from you so having a period of time in a day to recharge is important. Maybe make a routine. When you plug in electronics for the night, disconnect from everything and have your time. 

2. Prioritize 

Make a list of what you have to get done. Then go through your list and prioritize what has to be completed first. This has really saved me at school. Looking at all the due dates and doing my assignments in order. Sometimes I try to do the projects that are easy but due in a week instead of the really hard paper that’s due tomorrow. Doing what needs to be done first will cut some stress. You will be able to breath again.  

3. Start to check off items on your list

After I see what I have to get done I make a list for the day. I set goals of what I want to accomplish. This helps me keep on track and focus. Things are so crazy right now so this adds some structure and clarity to my life. If you get everything done you wanted in your day reward yourself. Take an extra break and just relax. Knowing that the faster you get homework, chores and anything else done you will reward yourself will actually motivate you to keep working and working harder. 

4. Have fun and laugh

Laughing is truly medicine. If you can’t laugh on your own find a friend that you will make you laugh. Haveing a period of time where you are having fun and laughing is going to do wonders to your day. If every day is full of stress and drama you will start dreading tomorrow. You will start to become sad and feel stuck. You don’t have to make time for fun every day but maybe make it a goal for the weekend. Get out at least once and laugh. 



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