If you’re going through hell keep going

Mid-Week energy time!!!
I don’t really feel like today is supposed to be a day with a long, wordy post. I feel like its supposed to be shorter than most.
I found this quote while I was in the hospital almost 4 years ago and it has stuck with me ever since.

“If you’re going through hell keep going” By Winston Churchill

I know for me when I have experienced pain I like to shut down. I like to stop walking and curl up and hope it will end. What I have found to get out of pain, is to keep on walking. To keep on facing the problems and pain. Don’t sit down when its super painful; keep going. Keep fighting and trying! Eventually the pain does end. Eventually life does get better. Eventually there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I encourage you, if you are going through hell keep going. I started doing this almost 4 years ago and it has been amazing to see how my life has changed.
Maybe look at it from this perspective. What if, if you didn’t choose to live everyday, if you didn’t choose to leave your home then tomorrow would never come. The only way to get through the day would to be to  keep going through your day and leaving your house. Tomorrow won’t come if your sitting. You won’t get to your destination if you arn’t moving towards it.

Give it a try today!
You can do it!!!

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