Tips to stand up after you have been knocked down

Mid-week Energy time!!
Has it felt like a crazy week to you? God has been doing so much in my life.
Today I wanted to share a photo I found and then explain a little bit.



I know in life crazy things happen, which can suck and isn’t probably fair. What do you do if you are knocked down? How do you respond in life? How do you actually use the things you are taught during recovery?
Well first let me tell you, once you starting getting back up you will become one of the strongest persons out there. People who haven’t had to get back up after being knocked down don’t understand what you are going through. Plain and simple. Don’t expect people to understand every little thing you are going through. That is putting unrealistic expectations on your support system that people will fail. I try to have the mindset that people will understand the best they can. People may try to help but they may say the wrong thing and that is truly okay. The point is not so much what they are saying, but the fact they are saying something. Instead of all those people walking past you while you are down on the ground, you have someone holding out there hand. Thing is, the only one who can truly lift you back up is Jesus. Really; I know I keep going back to this but its true.

You have to figure out what your motivation is to get back up. Mine is that I am pissed at Mental Illness. Mental Illness got 8 years of my life and I don’t want to give it one more second. When ever I get knocked down I take the time I need to process, cause sometimes it’s not just a little disappointment sometimes its a heartbreak or death, and then I force myself to stand back up. I cling to Jesus with everything I have left.

It actually does become easier the more you pull yourself back up. You start to learn what works for you and how to rise up again.

I am telling you there is hope and you have enough strength. You can do this!
If you are knocked down, take today as a challenge to try to stand up. I am in the same boat; lets stand together.

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