Worth it all

Yay!! It’s Wednesday!!!! I hope your week is going really good!!! The movie premiere is just a few days a way on Saturday!! I hope to finally meet everyone who reads Snow!!! (snowbycalm.com/moviepremeiere)

Today I just wanted to encourage you. I heard an amazing song this weekend that has been on repeat ever since.


Since April 20th, I have been detoxing from something that I have been consumed with my whole life; men. They have been a huge stumbling block and hindrance in my life. I  have always used them for comfort, validation, and a high. I have never had a healthy outlook on guys. I decided that once and for all I need to become throughly consumed with God. I was at a prayer conference this past weekend helping out and I ended up praying for over 30 hours. I truly become consumed with God for the first time. My hunger to be in worship is stronger than my desire to flirt with a guy for 20 minutes.
For my event and for Snow I have had to choose between guys or Snow.
This song is my theme song.

“I let go of all I have just to have all of You
And no matter what the cost I will follow You
Jesus everything I’ve lost I have found in You
When I finally reach the end I’ll say
You are worth it all”

I challenge you. If there is something in your life that is taking up space that you need for something else, give it to Jesus because its worth it all.
For me its guys, for you it could be guys. It could be Netflix, it could be drugs or alcohol. It could be being strong and willful. Whatever that thing is, I challenge you to truly give it to Jesus. The plan that God has for life is greater than you can see today. I challenge to look at your actions of today and think about how it will affect the next couple of weeks. If you spent 8 hours today watching Netflix, how would finales go next week? It might make it harder. I know for me it was hard and scary to try to look at the next few weeks ahead of me because I didn’t think I’d be alive long enough. It is a skill to be able to plan for the future. It will give you hope and excitement to set your eyes on the future. Start dreaming with God and see what He has for your future. For me I have my event on Saturday!!! (See you there!) I also am moving out-of-state soon. I graduate from College in a few weeks. God has shown me what to walk towards.
Start writing down what He gives you.
It is WORTH it all.

Have an amazing Wednesday!!!! You guys can do it!!!!

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