Event Update!!!

Hey everyone!!! I Just wanted to try to give a quick update on the event from Saturday May 9th!!! It was a huge success and I am so proud of everyone!!! Those who came, thank you!!! I will be hosting the same event in August for Snow’s one year launch party. If you missed it this time plan to come in August.
Event highlights/recaps/news: 
*People found breakthrough
*The film showed people what mental illness looks and even feels like. The event really awakened people to this issue.
*With the Q and A panel after the movie, people were able to ask the hard questions and really start to learn.
*I officially announced how Snow by CALM is going fight mental illness. I will post this video when I have it 🙂
*The whole day was photographed and video tapped so when I get those I will post them.
*T-shirts are now officially on the Snow Store; make sure to buy yours today!!!  (
Front of the shirt!!!11253787_10153334151096667_1408552139_n
Back of the shirt!!!11245327_10153334151171667_902670679_n

*At the event I had name tags out for people to write who they stand for. The shirts are used as tools to raise awareness for mental illness. People have already stopped and asked me “what do you mean who do I stand for?”
It’s a conversation starter!!!

*Also at the event, everyone got a stamp when they paid. It turned out to be pretty special and fun.



On top of raising a lot of awareness, officially announcing Snow’s plan to fight mental illness and being recognized for the first time as the founder of Snow, I had a lot of personal stuff that happened. At the event I saw my dreams come. I saw who I am supposed to be. I got to preach and teach about mental illness. I got to share my passion and it had a huge impact. I shared how I am going to approach mental illness awareness. I saw all the leadership skills and creativity that I have. I learned about myself in ways I never thought I would.

I am only about 4 years into my journey and I am already here, forming a non-profit with successful events and awareness raising. When you allow God to move in your life, the impossible becomes possible. I never thought I would stop cutting, let alone help others. I encourage you to keep trying because hope is alive. Never give up!!! This is just the beginning of Snow and I am so glad to have you guys be apart of it!!!!

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