Life on pause

A few weeks ago my life took a turn. My life started heading down a path I was not expecting. Since this event started, I have put my life on pause. I am starting to “wake up” today and am now starting to live my life again.
I have found myself distant in every area of my life BUT out of this I have learned some great lessons about recovery.

Some hard questions that have come up the past few weeks are: How do you keep your life moving when things happen? How do you keep life moving when you make a bad decision that causes the pause of things? How do you remain present in life when your mind is miles away?

I am just starting the process of pressing play on my life again; I’ll share how I do it when I figure it out.
So far this is what I have learned that may help.

Sometimes in life things happen, whether or fault or not, and everything in your world may stop. I have found that hanging out with friends, even when you don’t want to, really helps.  I have also found that having God first and foremost has greatly helped. This week I am going on a little vacation to a prayer cabin with my best friend. A time set apart to be with God and remind myself of all the things I already know; to remind myself of all my skills and everything I learned through recovery.
If you have put your life on pause I challenge you take some time with some close friends and with God. I challenge you to journal your thoughts in this time.
I feel like there’s a lot you can learn through this time. I feel like time has paused and you have a chance for accelerated growth.
In this time, where time is standing still, self-care is so important. Make sure your still taking care of yourself, i.e. eating right, sleeping, exercising.
I think there’s a fine line between life on pause and  depression. I am still trying to figure out what this pause is. I am still trying to figure out if its even healthy. I am sure after my little get away I will have a lot more clarity and will update.

This is the start of my new journey. I know I have been distant from Snow, but I am still here and Snow is still active. When I gather my thoughts I will keep posting them.
Tomorrow starts a new month. I feel like a new page is turned. Don’t let anything negative from May hinder or burden you. Tomorrow is a new month!!!!


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