Snow By CALM is ALIVE and WELL!!!!

It has been WAY to long since I posted last. This summer has been one of growth, maturing and experiencing the world I live in.
Starting on June 12th I got engaged!

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June 15th one of my closet’s friends moved home.
July 1st I got married!!!

July 5th I moved with my Husband to Colorado.

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Through these life events I have learned so much about myself and about recovery. My consultant really challenged me not to blog until I had something to say. He told me not the be the blogger that blogs just to blog. Just know with Snow, it will be worth the wait if I don’t post regularly. I have also been thinking about what the future of Snow looks like since the event in May.

One quick thought I wanted to share with you, an over arching lesson I have learned this summer about recovery, is to keep your life moving. So often we get into a pattern. We don’t even realize that that very pattern is killing us slowly. I think schedules are very important for recovery, but I also believe that you need to go explore. I have found that in my most stressful days with all the changes going on, I find a piece of calm in a new adventure. Look at it this way: if you live in a room your whole life you are missing out on a lot. Eventually you need to explore more of the house and get some fresh air. What I have found amazing about going and doing something new is that you get a whole new perspective on life. My husband and I took a road trip because we needed to go do something other than watching TV. We ended up just driving one night. No plan or agenda; just going to drive and see what we could. Apart of the adventure we spent a few hours in Mexico. Going to Mexico changed my whole world. I saw how people lived when they didn’t have anything. I saw what it looked like to be so incredibly poor that you are sleeping amongst trash. For me it made me really thankful for everything I have. The crazy thing about the people in Mexico were that they were still happy. No matter what your version of Hell looks like, there’s always a reason to be happy. It’s a tough concept to get your mind around but I think once you do, you will find even more freedom in your recovery. When you go explore you actually learn more about who you are. You find out what you are made of. Turns out I am a lot braver than I thought from the road trip. Turns out I can handle living without a schedule. Things I am not sure I would have learned without trying something new. You can start small by eating at a new restaurant or going to a new part of town. Maybe its reading a new kind of book. I promise it is worth the effort 🙂

I have so much I want to share about; so many stories and lessons I have learned about life, marriage and recovery. Snow by CALM is officially up and running again. Expect Mid-week energy post’s on Wednesday’s, and various post’s throughout the week.

Thank you for all your patience as I try to figure out my life and what Snow By CALM is supposed to look like.
Also, here are some encouraging photos!!! Have an amazing Tuesday and I will post something special tomorrow!!!!!

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