Mid-Week Energy is BACK!!!!

With school just around the corner I wanted to give a tip/trick that really helped me. School used to be my main source of pain, anxiety and stress. Going to college helped a little bit, but the triggers were still there. What has really helped me is creating a little kit of things that relax you. For me I would put a few items in my backpack that would help me make it through my day. Some things that you could include are a stuffed animal, certain foods, a little journal to write your thoughts out, a little sketchbook to doodle in, maybe a certain smell calms you down so you could include that. When you are triggered or stressed your brain actually starts to shut off. You need things to remind you of your skills and help your brain not shut down. At first I always was embarrassed of my recovery. I didn’t want to show people what it took to get through an afternoon without cutting and with eating. I want to encourage you that whatever you need to get through this moment is okay. It’s fine if you bring some things to class to help you stay in the present moment. It’s okay to have snacks with you through out your day. Just remember, you are still getting better from something, it just doesn’t look like a cold or flue. If someone can bring cough drops and tissues to class, you can bring whatever you need to class too.
I encourage you as you start a new school year to stand up for yourself, embrace who you are becoming and be brave. Where you are today is because of how brave you actually are. Don’t give up the fight!


  1. I was just at a training session with Jack Delosa one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Australia who said something similar. He made a strong case for having some activity or plan to help you remember your identity and your purpose when when life gets very busy. Otherwise it’s too easy to forget who you are and get lost in the overwhelming rush of people and activities around you.

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