Woohoo!!!! I made it 4 years since I cut last!!!!

I have a very exciting Miracle that I wanted to share and celebrate with everyone!!! Today marks 4 years since I cut last. I cut for a total of 6 years. I never thought that there would be an end except death. I never thought that I would be married, living in a different state, working on an organization to raise awareness for mental illness. I never would have guessed what my life would have looked today, 4 years ago. I just wanted to encourage you to keep fighting; keep trying. I remember one specific night that changed my life forever. I was sitting on the couch, less than a month since I stopped cutting, and I had an urge to cut. The urge was so strong that I began to hurt. I laid on the couch for 4 hours crying just wanting some relief. The Moes, who I was living with at the time, told me that if I gave in to that urge the next one would only be worse. I ended up going to bed in so much pain and anxiety. Turns out it never got that bad again. Theres a point where the urges lessen’s and your DBT skills work. There’s a point where there’s freedom at the end of this thing. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I gave in that night. I don’t think I would be here telling you my story. Life will test you; life will throw you down on the ground. You have to keep reminding your self of who you are and what you are made of. Never stop trying; never stop fighting. When you make it over mountains, like my urge, you start to see that you can do anything.
Thanks for celebrating with me today!! If you have something you want to be celebrated,please send me an email and I will post your story. Anything is worth celebrating!!!!




  1. Wahooooooooo!!!! Woot-woot!!!!

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