Drum roll please…..!!!!!

So sorry!!! I have gotten busier than I thought!!!

So my big announcement is that on Tuesday Snow has been launched for a whole year!!!!! Snow has officially turned one. Thanks for all your support!!!!

For some Mid-week energy, here is something I have learned this week at school. Let go of all exception of what to expect and who to be. I think you should have a certain standard that you hold your self to, but don’t put yourself into a box. School is wild and crazy; heck! life is wild and crazy. I feel like when we put ourselves into a box, we are setting ourselves up for failure. This week at school, I am letting myself go with the flow. I let emotions come and I deal with them. You can never truly prepare yourself for whats ahead. My suggestion is to just get comfy, hold on, and enjoy the ride!!!

Let your self be free!!!!

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