I could have died

Sorry about not posting a Mid-Week Energy last week. School has made my schedule a bit unpredictable at times. Today I have the perfect Mid-Week Energy to post. I have one challenge that could change your whole entire life.
First a story! 🙂
A little more than 4 years ago I tried to kill myself. I took 18 ibuprofen and didn’t think much of it. The only effect I had felt from the medication was that my legs went a little numb and I mentally spaced out. I ended up going to the psych ward for a week and that is where my journey of recovery began. I never really thought about that suicide attempt in detail until today while I was in Biology. In my Biology class we have days where instead of lecture we look at a case study’s to apply what we have been learning. Today’s case study was about someone who overdosed on Aspirin. In class we went over what exactly happens in the body when you take too much Aspirin and how to fix it. While sitting in class I realized how close to dying I actually was 4 years ago. I started realizing how bad of an idea it was to overdose on Ibuprofen. The realization that God truly saved my life hit like a ton of bricks. I didn’t have the typical symptoms that someone has when they take too much Aspirin. I learned in class that Aspirin is a certain kind of acid and taking too much will kill you. You can only have a certain amount of acid in your body to still be healthy. Sitting in class I also remembered that this month is Suicide Awareness Month. I almost broke down crying when I started thinking about the fact that I should be dead. Taking 18 Ibuprofen should have worked.

My challenge for you is to stop and think about a time/times where you could have died; whether on purpose or an accident. I think God saves our lives more times than we remember. I truly believe once you sit down and think about how many times God saved your life, you will have a whole new perspective to your life. The things that once worried you and keeping you in a prison, will melt away. You will start to realize that God is truly for you and He wants the best for your life. The more I have thought about the last few years, I have started to notice how many times God has been there and truly saved my life. When you happen to meet a new best friend who helps you through almost everything; that is God providing for you. When you find the love of your life and get married; that is God providing for you. When you don’t get run over when you are crossing the street; the is God providing for you. When all your suicide attempts have failed; that is God providing for you.
You are so loved. You are so wanted. Don’t give up the fight. It is worth it!!

Open-Your-Eyes-with-These-28-Suicide-Quotes-15 to-anyone-who-has-had-suicidal-thoughts-im-glad-you-are-still-here-keep-holding-on-quote-1 suicide-its-the-one-mistake-you-wont-live-to-regret

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