God always has your back!!!

I finally have some time to post again.
Remember this photo that I shared? Well now I am going to share my thoughts!!!!

It seems like life likes to knock you down on your butt. It also seems that in recovery being knocked down time and time again can actually be fatal. Where is God in all of this? Isn’t He supposed to save us and help us through all these issues?
When I was going through the school of ministry, I learned a lot of things. One  of the biggest is that our earthly fathers are similar to our Heavenly Father, God. Do you remember being little and your dad did something and you thought it was magic? Well God does things that seem like magic all the time. He helps us get to places on time, gives us creative ideas, helps us find life long friends. Often similar to our earthly dads, when bad things happen God is always there. It may not seem it or feel it, but He is. The thing with people is that they have a will and people are going to do what they want. I don’t believe God likes to micromanage us. I believe sometimes, the painful situations we are in, happen because of our choices. Situations where we end up in trouble, times where we find ourselves in a lot of pain because of a situation that you chose, like dating someone when all your friends and mentors told you it was a bad idea. I don’t know why bad things happen to people. I don’t know why mothers and father die and leave their families behind. I don’t know why people get diseases and die. I am just starting to understand that God is always there and we might be in pain because of a choice we made.

I like this photo because it’s so true. If you relapse in your recovery, God isn’t shaming you. He is right there to help you back on your feet and find people and things like therapy that will help you try again. Sometimes I fall on my face, but it doesn’t hurt as bad as I thought. I then remember that God has my back. I did really bad on 2 of my tests this week (I fell on my face) but one of my teachers is letting us drop one whole test score from the semester and another teacher is letting us correct our exam and earn some points (God picking me up).

If your feeling discouraged today, I just want to encourage you. It’s actually okay to fall on your face. You might learn something that you may never have. God has your back ALWAYS!
When you fall, I encourage you to stay in a place of thanksgiving. Don’t turn your back on God because you hit a bump. Thank Him for all He has done in your life and more blessings will follow.

Have an amazing weekend!!!!! Thank you for all of your patience!!!!!

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