Snow updates!!!

It has been so long since I posted!! I have wanted to and thought about it a lot of times, but my life has complete changed since December 5th.
My husband and I found out we are pregnant! I am due July 28th. I have been home sick since December 5th. Barely any energy. This week I started school and it has been such a huge challenge, and some days a struggle.

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My consultant will be coming to Colorado for a short time in the next few days. We are going to talk about all things Snow and figure out an action plan.

I have wanted to share and post, but my mind has been completely consumed with the little life growing inside me and with being incredibly sick. I even ended up in the hospital twice for dehydration because I was throwing up so much.

This experience has brought up so many topics I want to talk about. So many new emotions and passions I want to describe. So many things God has shown me in regards to strength when you don’t feel like you can carry on anymore.

Stay tuned for some amazing posts that I know will be truly inspiring for you!

Snow hasn’t gone anywhere!!! I promise!!!

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