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Emotions part 2

In part 1 of Snow by CALMs first mini blog post series I shared how I have been learning a new side to emotions. I shared how God has been taking me on a journey the past few weeks of learning how to deal with new emotions and actually beginning the process of embracing emotions, not trying to change them as soon as you feel them. During this post I will discuss the importance of recognizing the shift in recovery when you need to start embracing your emotions. I will also talk about why the difference in response to your emotions is important. God has been really talking to me about …

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Emotions part 1: transition from a hot potato to a mountain

Life has been pretty crazy lately, between family things going on, full-time school, full-time wife, pregnant and sick. Over the past 2 weeks, or so, God has been teaching me a whole new aspect of emotions. As I was writing this post I realized it’s quite long and there’s actually different sections and pieces to what I have been learning. I decided I will do my first ever mini blog post series!!! So stay tuned this week for my recent thoughts on emotions and all the things I have been learning!!! Here’s part one 🙂 I woke up on a Sunday morning and there wasn’t any milk in the fridge. …

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Home; How Obstacles Move Easily

Hey Snow by CALM readers!!!! Sorry for my absence!!! I had a very wild and crazy October where God took over my life and fixed some things that were not very effective. I was sick with a viral infection for 20 days and then I took a trip back to MN to take care of a few things and then I had my dad in town for a few days. My trip to MN allowed me to emotionally move to CO. I love being home now more than ever, and my husband and I are restarting our CO life. Today is a big day for me; I am celebrating 4 …

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God always has your back!!!

I finally have some time to post again. Remember this photo that I shared? Well now I am going to share my thoughts!!!! It seems like life likes to knock you down on your butt. It also seems that in recovery being knocked down time and time again can actually be fatal. Where is God in all of this? Isn’t He supposed to save us and help us through all these issues? When I was going through the school of ministry, I learned a lot of things. One  of the biggest is that our earthly fathers are similar to our Heavenly Father, God. Do you remember being little and your dad …

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I could have died

Sorry about not posting a Mid-Week Energy last week. School has made my schedule a bit unpredictable at times. Today I have the perfect Mid-Week Energy to post. I have one challenge that could change your whole entire life. First a story! 🙂 A little more than 4 years ago I tried to kill myself. I took 18 ibuprofen and didn’t think much of it. The only effect I had felt from the medication was that my legs went a little numb and I mentally spaced out. I ended up going to the psych ward for a week and that is where my journey of recovery began. I never really …

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Drum roll please…..!!!!!

So sorry!!! I have gotten busier than I thought!!! So my big announcement is that on Tuesday Snow has been launched for a whole year!!!!! Snow has officially turned one. Thanks for all your support!!!! For some Mid-week energy, here is something I have learned this week at school. Let go of all exception of what to expect and who to be. I think you should have a certain standard that you hold your self to, but don’t put yourself into a box. School is wild and crazy; heck! life is wild and crazy. I feel like when we put ourselves into a box, we are setting ourselves up for …

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Mid-week energy time!!!!

I absolutely love this quote. I wanted to broaden it a little bit, though. Don’t just look out for your friends, look our for everyone. I know for me in my recovery, when someone smiled at me it made me feel better. Sometimes we need to do what we want people to do for us. And sometimes when we stop focusing on our issues and problems, we start to feel better. I’m not telling you that your issues aren’t real or valid, I’m just saying that if it’s the only thing your thinking about and are consumed with, then life is gonna be harder. Start smiling at people, start inviting your friends …

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Mid-Week Energy is BACK!!!!

With school just around the corner I wanted to give a tip/trick that really helped me. School used to be my main source of pain, anxiety and stress. Going to college helped a little bit, but the triggers were still there. What has really helped me is creating a little kit of things that relax you. For me I would put a few items in my backpack that would help me make it through my day. Some things that you could include are a stuffed animal, certain foods, a little journal to write your thoughts out, a little sketchbook to doodle in, maybe a certain smell calms you down so …

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Encouraging/inspiring photos

Hey!!! I know it’s a little late but today’s Mid-Week Energy is a collection of photos I found that I find encouraging. We are in the middle of mental illness awareness week 2015. I hope you have been able to share your stories and raise awareness.

Worth it all

Yay!! It’s Wednesday!!!! I hope your week is going really good!!! The movie premiere is just a few days a way on Saturday!! I hope to finally meet everyone who reads Snow!!! (snowbycalm.com/moviepremeiere) Today I just wanted to encourage you. I heard an amazing song this weekend that has been on repeat ever since.   Since April 20th, I have been detoxing from something that I have been consumed with my whole life; men. They have been a huge stumbling block and hindrance in my life. I  have always used them for comfort, validation, and a high. I have never had a healthy outlook on guys. I decided that once and …

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