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This is a place to praise and acknowledge other’s accomplishments. Submit your accomplishment and we will celebrate with you! Some examples of accomplishments: you had lunch, you resisted an urge, you went to school.

Emotions part 2

In part 1 of Snow by CALMs first mini blog post series I shared how I have been learning a new side to emotions. I shared how God has been taking me on a journey the past few weeks of learning how to deal with new emotions and actually beginning the process of embracing emotions, not trying to change them as soon as you feel them. During this post I will discuss the importance of recognizing the shift in recovery when you need to start embracing your emotions. I will also talk about why the difference in response to your emotions is important. God has been really talking to me about …

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Emotions part 1: transition from a hot potato to a mountain

Life has been pretty crazy lately, between family things going on, full-time school, full-time wife, pregnant and sick. Over the past 2 weeks, or so, God has been teaching me a whole new aspect of emotions. As I was writing this post I realized it’s quite long and there’s actually different sections and pieces to what I have been learning. I decided I will do my first ever mini blog post series!!! So stay tuned this week for my recent thoughts on emotions and all the things I have been learning!!! Here’s part one 🙂 I woke up on a Sunday morning and there wasn’t any milk in the fridge. …

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Snow updates!!!

It has been so long since I posted!! I have wanted to and thought about it a lot of times, but my life has complete changed since December 5th. My husband and I found out we are pregnant! I am due July 28th. I have been home sick since December 5th. Barely any energy. This week I started school and it has been such a huge challenge, and some days a struggle. My consultant will be coming to Colorado for a short time in the next few days. We are going to talk about all things Snow and figure out an action plan. I have wanted to share and post, …

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Home; How Obstacles Move Easily

Hey Snow by CALM readers!!!! Sorry for my absence!!! I had a very wild and crazy October where God took over my life and fixed some things that were not very effective. I was sick with a viral infection for 20 days and then I took a trip back to MN to take care of a few things and then I had my dad in town for a few days. My trip to MN allowed me to emotionally move to CO. I love being home now more than ever, and my husband and I are restarting our CO life. Today is a big day for me; I am celebrating 4 …

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God always has your back!!!

I finally have some time to post again. Remember this photo that I shared? Well now I am going to share my thoughts!!!! It seems like life likes to knock you down on your butt. It also seems that in recovery being knocked down time and time again can actually be fatal. Where is God in all of this? Isn’t He supposed to save us and help us through all these issues? When I was going through the school of ministry, I learned a lot of things. One  of the biggest is that our earthly fathers are similar to our Heavenly Father, God. Do you remember being little and your dad …

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Suicide Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again.  A time to raise awareness and put our foot down for a cause. This month is for Suicide. I wasn’t on campus yesterday for the official Suicide Awareness Day, but today I have all my awareness raising gear on. It’s not my Snow by CALM shirt; that will be Monday!. My shirt says “You can never be replaced” I also have snowflakes on the back of my hand and on my wrist that represents Snow by CALM. I also have a tribute to my Uncle on my arm and I wrote “Enough is Enough” on my other arm. Suicide is a tragedy. I believe …

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Woohoo!!!! I made it 4 years since I cut last!!!!

I have a very exciting Miracle that I wanted to share and celebrate with everyone!!! Today marks 4 years since I cut last. I cut for a total of 6 years. I never thought that there would be an end except death. I never thought that I would be married, living in a different state, working on an organization to raise awareness for mental illness. I never would have guessed what my life would have looked today, 4 years ago. I just wanted to encourage you to keep fighting; keep trying. I remember one specific night that changed my life forever. I was sitting on the couch, less than a …

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Snow By CALM is ALIVE and WELL!!!!

It has been WAY to long since I posted last. This summer has been one of growth, maturing and experiencing the world I live in. Starting on June 12th I got engaged! June 15th one of my closet’s friends moved home. July 1st I got married!!! July 5th I moved with my Husband to Colorado. Through these life events I have learned so much about myself and about recovery. My consultant really challenged me not to blog until I had something to say. He told me not the be the blogger that blogs just to blog. Just know with Snow, it will be worth the wait if I don’t post …

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Event Photos!!!!!!

Here is a blog post with event photo’s. I will put them some place on the website that’s more easily accessed. Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to everyone who has supported!!!! I posted all the photo’s on Facebook. Here is the link: Snow by CALM event photo’s Also: Some encouragement 🙂 http://www.buzzfeed.com/annaborges/mythbusters-depression-edition