Birth of Snow


As you read through this website, you may be curious to its beginnings. Snow was birthed in the middle of my second recovery. In God’s faithfulness, it was through Snow that I was able to be launched into the full completion of my second recovery. This project is a blessing to my life even as it is a ministry to yours.


During my year at the school of ministry, the students were given an opportunity to go on a missions trip. When that missions trip became impossible for me, God gave me the vision and beginning plans for Snow.

When I started the school of ministry I always said if the mission’s trip was a location in Europe then I was going to go. When my Pastor announced the missions trip location was Ireland, I didn’t want to go.I had to work and I couldn’t take time off in April and then time off in June. My uncle had been planning a trip to New York for my 21st birthday with my parents and I since I was 18.  It was either Ireland or New York. I was okay with New York but as days went by I started really wanting to go to Ireland more and more and I felt like it was God’s plan for me to go. I started the process for preparing for the trip. I asked my pastor for permission and got the beginning of my funds all together. I was so excited to get to go to Ireland. It was going to be an amazing time. The thing with God is that He always proves His own word. The first deadline for payment came and went with no money. The second deadline approached and I didn’t even have close to half the money.

I remember my pastor talking about how if it’s God’s plan there will be provision and favor that flows after you run after it. If it’s just your own idea when you run after it there won’t be provision or favor and you will just be stuck. When money didn’t come in I started thinking. I asked my boss if I could have my shifts back in April if I couldn’t go to Ireland and she said she had to know by the following night at 8 pm. When I went to the team meeting the next day at school I felt physically ill. I was very confused and just not sure anymore. That night at work I had till 8 pm to figure out what the heck I was going to do. I was starting a new job as a live-in and I saw God’s provision and favor on that. I saw what happened when God was leading something versus when I was leading something. I was at work and I heard God so clearly: I needed to stick with my original commitments. I needed to stop being a typical 20 year old, to stop being so flakey. When I chose to withdraw from the Ireland trip I felt all this peace and that I hadn’t felt in a while. Then God started speaking some more. I saw God sitting down and I saw myself running forward. I realized that I was running ahead and I was leading charge for Ireland and that it wasn’t God at all. I realized I tend to take things out of God’s hands when I really want something. God honors and meets our hearts desires so I think that’s what God was doing. God was also speaking about how Ireland is like a shiny object. One of my close friends and spiritual fathers taught me about shiny objects. They are things that are usually good but distract you and pull you away from your track you are on. If you run after every shiny object there is you will never be focused and on tract. I am learning to not go after so many shiny objects.


I went to school the next day, having made my decision. We had a time of worship before classes began, and the song that was played was “Embrace” by Jake Hamilton. This is my song  and I broke and started crying realizing I was finally hearing God again and I was finally back on track (see: My First Recovery). I shocked a lot of people when I went back to original commitments and when I gave up this thing that was so precious. That is when God started talking about Snow and that’s when I really started getting things up off the ground. It was such a valuable learning experience for me and I got so much out of trying to go to Ireland and pursuing it. I learned so many valuable lessons: Through this process I had my last meltdown. February 13, 2014 is the last date that I have had a meltdown. I used to have meltdowns every day! I learned that I tend to run forward with things ahead of God. I learned about being a dependable and reliable person. If God is saying no and other people are saying no then there’s probably a reason why. When my classmates left for Ireland it wasn’t even hard for me in the sense of wanting to go. I really missed the 28 hours of class we missed together but I was so happy and excited for them. It wasn’t my trip and what I got to do instead was awesome. I got to start the journey of preaching. I gave a 10 minute sermon at a nursing home. I got to learn more information about the homeless community in MN. I was able to begin the process of creating Snow. I am so glad that the missions trip to Ireland became impossible. Through it, Snow was made possible and I have walked further in my journey with God and solidified recovery.


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